Digestive Health is a way of life

It is not found in a prescription

Dr. Liz Cruz and her three-step digestive health program offers a unique opportunity to help you make your digestive health a priority.

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Christine H.


Improved Digestive Issues And Increased Energy

"I was having a lot of digestive issues, had low energy and was craving sugar all the time, having highs and lows throughout my day. I felt better after only one week of incorporating some minor changes, including taking Everyday Enzymes™ before every meal and a Pleasant Probiotic™ twice per day. I felt what I learned from Dr. Cruz really made sense. Eating more fresh vegetables and whole grains instead of processed pre-packaged foods.

After doing the detoxification part of the program I started having two bowel movements per day and I felt better and lighter than ever. After starting the alkaline water with the salts I felt the need to replace my sugary snacks with raw vegetables. I noticed that by taking my Everyday Enzymes™ and eating "clean" foods it's really helped with my acid reflux issue that I’ve had for years.

I really appreciate the ongoing support aspect of the program because without it I have found it so easy to fall back into my bad habits. The online community helps me stay on track and encourage others that are going through the same things I went through."


Stephanie M.


Increased Immune System

“The teaching that made the biggest impact on me was changing from drinking regular bottled water to drinking high pH water with salts and chlorophyll. After two years of being on the water I have not been sick one time. I am also convinced that by drinking my salts with the water that my sugar cravings have been eliminated. I appreciate that I was able to learn the difference of quality versus quantity of food. I felt the life modification transition to be easy since everything was implemented slowly and methodically to give me time to really incorporate it into my life. I love that I wasn't told to stop eating certain things but only asked to incorporate healthier alternatives. Because I’m not big into eating my greens, I also love incorporating the Gastro Greens™ into my diet on a daily basis to give me what I need to maintain a healthy body.”


Brenda C.


Improved Bowl Movement Regularity

"I was only having one bowel movement every couple of weeks. I knew there was a lot of backed up stool in my colon – I ended up going for colon hydrotherapy only to find a parasite after my 8th session. Since then I have regular bowel movements every day.

I drank a lot of soda every day and when I stopped drinking soda and started drinking alkaline water with the salts and chlorophyll I saw amazing results and have no desire for soda anymore.

Now that I know how to read all the ingredients in my food I am making healthier decisions at the grocery store. Just knowing the many names for sugar has helped me steer clear of processed foods. What's made me stick with it is the idea of making small changes slowly over time to create new habits. I wasn't expecting to learn how the food and drink I was consuming was affecting my body. I don’t do dairy anymore because I realized how my bloating went away when I stopped consuming it. I was able to get out of bed in the morning without feeling tired or sluggish and I didn't crave sweets anymore."


Pamela W.


Reduced Acid Reflux And Crohns Symptoms

"I was suffering from many health issues, especially digestive issues such as acid reflux and Crohn's. I was hesitant to detoxify my body thinking it would aggravate my Crohn's but taking the Delicate Detox™ did just the opposite and calmed it.

I went from drinking one 8 oz. of bottled water per day to drinking 80 oz. of alkaline water per day and my results were drastic – I did not require the Prevacid anymore to calm my acid reflux, the swelling / puffiness around my body went away, my Crohn's symptoms seems to have subsided.

I feel I have more of an awareness of how food and drink affect my body so it's helping me make healthier decisions. I am realizing that it doesn't cost that much more to eat and drink healthier and I am so excited that I don’t have to count calories anymore. I love the idea of doing a week's worth of soup to reset my body."

Hear What Our Patients/Clients Have to Say

“This is not a diet, it's a lifestyle. The knowledge alone is worth so much and starting to feel better on top of it will make you never want to look back. Thank you Dr. Cruz and Tina for putting so much passion, knowledge and love into everything you do.”

Dr. Liz Cruz is devoted to your health for you and your loved ones.

After years of offering her digestive wellness knowledge, products and services to her patients and seeing amazing results time and again, Dr. Liz Cruz didn't want to stop there. "This information and these tools need to be shared with everyone now more than ever! It's never too late to change how you feel."– Liz Cruz M.D.

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