Digestive Health 101: 3 Steps to Total Body Transformation

Digest Health 101

Digestive Health 101: 3 Steps to Total Body Transformation September 17, 2016. This is THE TALK that started it all. Learn about the structure and function of your digestive system and what causes good health. Discover why so many of us have digestive issues and why it is not our fault. Find out the #1 solution to whatever digestive problems you are having today. Receive Dr. Liz Cruz’s recommendations for life-long digestive health.


  • September 17, 2016
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm



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4110 N. 108th Avenue, Suite 105, Phoenix, Arizona, 85037, United States

Dr. Cruz and Tina reside in Peoria, Arizona with their four children.  One of the reasons they are so passionate about what they do is because before they began teaching, they incorporated what they learned into their own family and saw amazing results.  “We wanted to make sure that what we learned would actually work,” Tina said.  Dr. Cruz added, “We truly felt if we were going to be teaching these concepts that we needed to be living them ourselves.”  The concepts are simple but extremely impactful.  It’s all about having a plan and living the plan on a daily basis.  Doing the best you can whenever you can, and not feeling guilty about falling off the wagon.  This is all about living a healthy digestive life, which in turn creates a healthy body, mind and soul.