Food Alternatives Booklet

Made For Individuals Who Want To:

  • Learn how to eat clean by purchasing products with no chemicals, sugars or additives.
  • Transition their diet slowly for life-long results.
  • Try new foods that just might change the way they feel.
Food Alternatives Booklet

One of the things we love teaching people is eating and drinking healthier does not mean you have to do without the things you love. We never tell anyone they can’t eat this or shouldn’t drink that. It is all about learning the healthier alternatives to the foods you are already eating, and then eating everything else in moderation.

This five page pdf booklet gives a detailed description of all the common foods and drinks we consume on a regular basis and gives their healthier alternatives. Just with this information alone you can start shopping, cooking and eating smarter than ever before.

DNA Details: This product comes to you as part of the DNA for Digestive Health Online Home Study Materials.

Dr. Liz Cruz is devoted to your health for you and your loved ones.

After years of offering her digestive wellness knowledge, products and services to her patients and seeing amazing results time and again, Dr. Liz Cruz didn't want to stop there. "This information and these tools need to be shared with everyone now more than ever! It's never too late to change how you feel."– Liz Cruz M.D.

Dr. Liz Cruz loves to educate and help others adapt a healthy lifestyle that fits their needs.
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